How to Setup Linksys Router

Setup Linksys Router

Buy a new Linksys Router? But didn’t know how to Setup Linksys Router?

When setting up a network connection, most of you prefer a wireless router such as a Linksys router.

And if you didn’t know How to Setup Linksys Router, then read this article and Setup Linksys Router anytime.

The router is wireless. However, you need a wired connection for the setup process.

Linksys Router Setup only requires two-steps; Setting up the Linksys router and configuring the router’s settings.

Sometimes, after router setup some people facing No Internet Connectivity error.

In case you too face the same error “No Internet Connection to WiFi” then read this article in detail.

Following Are The Two Methods to Setup Linksys Router Correctly.

Configuration Menu Accessing

1. Connect Router Via The Web Browser.

For connecting the router to your computer and the modem to router, you must have enough Ethernet cables.

Ethernet cables ensure that if any changes made to the wireless network, then it will disconnect you.

Firstly, open the web browser and on the address bar enters the Linksys router’s address.

  • You can access all Linksys routers by entering an IP address
  • Facing any trouble while accessing the Router, then this may be due to the disabled “web management” option.
  • You need to reset the factory defaults.
  • For this, press and hold the ‘Reset’ button present on your Router’s back

2. Enter Your Password And Username.

If you are trying to access the Linksys router from the web browser, then it requires username and password.

If you need professional help then feel free to call Router Tech Support at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 877-778-8740 and get quick help.

 It varies from Router to Router; however, the defaults should be there in the documentation.

If you are unable to find it, then you need to reset your router to factory settings and search online for your router model.

  • Most default Linksys router login usernames are “admin.”
  • Most default Linksys router login passwords are “admin” or blank.

3. Using A Configuration Software

Many Linksys routers come with CD installation to install a configuration program.

It enables the users to change the settings without connecting to the web browser.

So you don’t need to enter the password or username to use it.

The menus of configuration software are generally the same as that of browser menus.

Setting up Wireless Network

1. Click On The Wireless Tab

On opening the configuration utility, you will come across the Basic Setup page.

Once you click the Wireless tab, this will take you to a section “Basic Wireless Settings.”

  • This section allows you to secure and create your wireless network.
  • To secure your device, you need to make changes in the settings from the default setting.

2. Give A Name To Your Network.

In the section of Basic Wireless Settings, you will find “Wireless Network Name (SSID)”.

It is your network’s name which will appear for the systems available for your wireless router devices.

You need to make sure not to give any personal information, as the name is visible to anyone.

  • Keep the Channel set and Network Mode to the default setting if not specified.

Linksys Router Setup

3. Enabling The Broadcast

The “Enabled’ option for “Wireless SSID Broadcast” turns your wireless network on, and the system gets discovered.

And then, click on the button “Save Settings.”

4. Secure Your Network

To open your wireless security options, click the section “Wireless Security.” Here you need to set the security password and encryption type.

  • Set the ‘Secure Mode’ to WPA2 as this is the most secure way to protect your network.
  • If WPA2 does not support your device, then switch to WEP or WPA.
  • The passphrase is the password that people need to enter to link your network to their devices.
  • Make sure that the Linksys password is strong enough to prevent unwelcomed intruders.
  • Once done with the settings, save it. The changes made will be applied to your Linksys router, and it will restart.
  • Your wireless network will now be secured and activated.

Linksys Router Troubleshooting

You must go through the setup properly on coming to the Linksys Router Setup.

Do you remember your Router’s password? Have you carefully followed all the settings for the Linksys router setup?

  • Check the connection of Ethernet cables and make sure that the links are proper between the modem and Router.
  • Check the cable connection to your device and Router if using the wired connection.
  • Coming to the wireless connection, reconnect the wireless connection to protected Wi-Fi setup.
  • Troubleshooting may be due to your low device’s storage.
  • Remove the junk and unwanted files to free up space.
  • Sometimes cache and cookie in the device may also create problems in the Router.
  • Delete cookie and cache details from your device and see if the problem resolved or not.

Tips To Resolve Smart Linksys Wi-Fi Problem

The following are the tips to fix your Linksys Wi-Fi problems.

  • Initially, you need to power off and on your devices and then restart your Linksys router.
  • Press the reset button to reset your Linksys router.
  • It will remove all the settings, and you need to re-access the Linksys router settings.
  • The outdated firmware is the main reason for not connecting to the internet.
  • However, it may be your internet connection problem too.
  • Make sure to have the firmware updated version.
  • To encounter any issues, you can apply these tips:
  1. Adjust the unit size to the maximum transmission.
  2. Reduce the usage of your wireless devices for some time.
  3. Go through your Linksys router’s wireless setting.

For sure, following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to resolve your issues.

However, before going towards the tips, you can go for Linksys router troubleshooting too.

Above is the brief guide on how to Setup Linksys Router, if stuck or need expert help dial Get My WiFi Ext at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 877-778-8740.

Our professional technical experts will help you and guide you to resolve any issue related to the Linksys router.

You can even chat your queries live with our customer support directly from your desktop and follow their guidance.

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