What to Do When There Is No Internet Connectivity

No Internet Connectivity

Nowadays we are habitual of using the internet not only for playing games or watching dramas.

It is also very important for other purposes like to find addresses, dictionaries, recipes we get it all from the internet.

Our lives are going on while using it. Now we can’t think about the time when we will have no internet.

But what if we have internet but it sucks like No Internet Connectivity.

So here are some instructions by following them you can get some important tips to fix your internet it will start working really well from before.

Sometimes on your screen, you see that it show you have full wifi signals but on each attempt when opening a site it starts giving errors.

When you have a strong wireless connection but no internet connectivity and suddenly it indicates that you can’t load the page.

 Some Instructions When There is “No Internet Connectivity” and How to Reboot Router

1) You Are Connected To the Right Network

 Firstly you have to make sure that you are connected to the right network.

There is a possibility that your phone is catching signals of any other network nearby so make sure that’s not the issue.

If that’s the case, then you should turn off the wifi then turn it on again and select your internet network.

Sometimes any other person near you might be using the same name as you are using so you might get connected to another wrong server.

Turn Off and after a few minutes turn it back again On then a new network will rise up, connect your phone with that network.

2) Restart Your Internet Device

 Secondly, you should know how to reboot router or internet device because there might be some technical issue or any other hardware problem.

You should reboot router by rebooting your device. It will get connected again.

If again getting the same problem or need to reboot router then call Router Support at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 877-778-8740.

3) Cool Down Your Device

Sometimes your device gets heat up so it starts giving some errors and there might be some issues.

If you think that there’s an issue then you should give your device a bit rest. You should turn the power off for an hour or more and turn it on after a while.

It will start working again properly once it cools down.

For cooling down, Router resetting is necessary and some devices also have router resetting password so you have to enter that also.

4) Re-Enter Your Password

 Entering a wrong password and your device might not notify you.

It will just show you that you have connected to an internet connection but there will be an authentication error or there would be continuous errors.

If that’s the case, you might have entered the wrong password so you should click forget password and do router reset the password then re-enter the password.

5) Check Mac Address

 You can assign MAC (Media Access Control) address on your device.

You will assign a few devices that can only connect with the network and the other devices.

If you don’t have the MAC address you will not be able to use the internet because MAC address only allows some unique users to use the internet.

You should check in the wifi router setting if you are blocked from using the internet access.

So you should simply ask for the MAC address, enter it and your internet will start working.

WiFi Router Setting

6) Enter a New DNS Server

 A server that has public IP addresses their databases and hostnames simply they are DNS (Domain Name Server).

Sometimes it happens that your DNS servers might not be available or your DNS server is corrupted.

You have your internet connection but that internet connection will not work because of the unavailability of your DNS server.

In that case, you should locate any other DNS server and enter your new DNS server in your DNS server setting and then retry to load the page again.

8) Add Wireless Signal Booster

 When you use your internet it has no internet connection on wifi so it might be because you are far from the device in that situation.

Add a wireless signal booster it helps you boost wireless signal. So by adding a wireless booster, it boosts wireless signal and you can load anything any page.

So it is a really good thing for you and it usually not that expensive, you can enjoy the wireless signal strength.

 9) Check Your Modem and Internet Cable Connection

 You have to check if your modem not connected to internet cable properly it’s not loosened.

Also, you should check properly is the modem not working or working. If the modem not connecting to internet you should reconnect the modem and internet cable.

So here are some possibilities of the Internet Not Working or Modem Not Working you should check these steps carefully and fix it on your own.

If all the above solution not working and still getting No Internet Connectivity issues then Dial Get My WiFi Ext experts number at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 877-778-8740 and get help right away.

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